Jeff Gould

    coder in front of a lot of monitors

    Hi, I'm Jeff and I write software for the web. Currently: JavaScript, React, Node, etc.

    How to write a rolling hash string search algorithm in JavaScript

    Some time ago I watched an interview on where the task that the interviewer posed to the interviewee was to create a function called grep() that should accept two strings, haystack and needle , and return an array of indexes where needle exists in haystack . The naive…

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    5 Great Git CLI Shortcuts

    I think we're all onboard with git these days - it's the best way to collaborate on code with a team or to just keep things organized, synchronized, and tidy when you're working alone. But there's still a great divide amongst git users - those who are Git CLI purists, and those of us who are happy…

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    Use the Web Crypto API to Generate a Public / Private Key Pair for End to End, Asymmetric Cryptography on the Web

    I'll preface this by saying that I'm not cryptography expert - just a dev who has found himself interested in the topic of cryptography in general and in asymmetric cryptography more specifically. These concepts are incredibly deep and I will barely scratch the surface but let's dip our toes in…

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